15Min: It is suitable for disinfection of small space such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen.
30Min: Applicable to < 60 square meters of space disinfection, quick disinfection.
60Min: Applicable to < 100 square meters of space disinfection, disinfection effect is
more thorough.

Use the remote control to select the corresponding disinfection time (15minutes
/30 minutes /60 minutes). The corresponding indicator will light up. and the lamp will
start up after 15 seconds.

After disinfection according to the selected irradiation time, the ultraviolet lamp will
automatically shut down and stop working.

During the working period of the ultraviolet lamp, please prevent people or animals
from entering the disinfection place. If you need to stop the work, please press the
remote control: ON/FF.

UV Disinfectant Light


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